69.3 billion euros in assets under management at the end of 2022 1

98% of assets under management classified in Article 8 or 9 according to SFDR 2

More than 270 employees

A raison d'être

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management has adopted Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale's raison d'être: 'Ensemble, écouter et agir' (Listen and act together).

In 2020, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale was the first French bank to adopt the 'Entreprise à mission' model (company having a social and environmental mission in addition to its for-profit activity). It aligned its social and environmental objectives with its corporate purpose and enshrined them in its articles of incorporation. In line with the UN's sustainable development objectives, these statutory objectives make it possible to work for a fairer and more sustainable society.

The raison d'être of Crédit Mutuel Asset Management: 'Ensemble, écouter et agir' (Listen and act together)



A committed player

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management is a major player in asset management in France, with 69,3 billion euros in assets under management in France at the end of 2022 3. It offers its customers efficient, innovative and sustainable investment solutions.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management stands out in particular for its short-term flexible cash solutions as an alternative to money market funds. It is also recognised for its fundamental stock selection process and conviction-based management, which support the entire offering.
Long-term conviction solutions include euro zone and international equity management, small- and mid-cap securities management and thematic equity management. Similarly, the bond offering, which ranges from flexible cash management to credit bond management, is based on rigorous financial and non-financial analysis.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management supports its clients in their contributions and commitments for an ecological and energy transition that is equitable for everyone.


A dedicated team

We are a team of dedicated professionals. Our experience, energy and organisation are firmly focused on our customers in order to offer tailored solutions. These could be collective, in open-ended funds, or customised, in dedicated funds or insurance.

Our investment teams are available and accessible. They give our customers access to expertise that is both global and specialised in all listed asset management strategies: fixed income, equity, multi-asset or quantitative areas. This proximity is reflected in the management of dedicated funds representing more than 17.4 billion euros in assets under management at the end of 2022.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management is committed to providing access to its teams, managers and experts in order to serve its customers' goals as closely as possible.

Meaningful investments

Our priority is to implement a responsible and sustainable approach in each of our activities and areas of expertise. We owe it to our customers to live up to their expectations by giving meaning to their investments. Our investment processes and expert teams affirm our convictions in responsible finance. Our range of products meets the needs of each customer, and helps fund virtuous solutions for a just ecological and energy transition for all.

We believe that the integration of ESG issues 4 allows us to identify risks and opportunities that we might not have been able to identify with a vision focused solely on financial aspects. We also believe that we owe this approach to our customers. We aim to fully integrate ESG issues at three levels: in issuer analysis, investment decisions and portfolio construction.

Crédit Mutuel Asset Management's ambition: '100% of open-ended funds under active management will be classified as Article 8 or Article 9 according to the SFDR and Category 1 or Category 2 according to the French regulations.'

1 - Includes Fund of Funds and masters. Figures as of 31/12/2022.

2 - Assets under active management as at 31/12/2022.

3 - Excluding assets under management of the specialised subsidiary Crédit Mutuel Gestion on behalf of private clients.

4 - ESG: Environmental, Social and Governance.